All gif types at a glance

Make all gifs available for Whatsapp and Facebook for only 10$ extra.



Logo Animation




Driving flat


Giphy / Tenor Account


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Find the right package here, or choose from the options below to find the best solution for your needs. We are happy to help you.


500 $

Black Beauty

1000 $


2500 $


You just pick your package and think about how your homepage should look like. We do the rest! With our “partnership form” you can easily make a first request and we will make you an individual offer, which is exactly tailored to you. Just click on “Let’s go”.

No. It serves only the rough price idea and the first impression. For existing homepages, you can only book the services listed below. Please think what your goal is and use the “Partnership Form”. We will contact you immediately afterwards.

We also help you create a design concept for existing homepages and modernize them. By incorporating the latest web technology, you can spend more time with your customers and better customer experiences.

We will find a solution with you even on a small budget. It is important that you have your goal in mind and we can set the right expectations.

Express Service is a very special kind of service that is special. It allows you within 24 hours to get a complete homepage, email addresses, domain and administration. Prerequisite here is that we get from you all the data needed to register quickly.

That’s right! However, maybe you do not know how to install it and set it up safely. You have experience with server setup, database setup, etc. Then you know that you need time for everything to work properly. But we still offer that the installation remains free even though we use time for it. For the equipment and the initial commissioning is liable to pay.

If you have worked out the right concept together, a bill will be provided which has to be transferred within 30 days. It works also credit card, instant transfers etc.

If your question is not here. Please use the partnership form to tell us everything. We will contact you asap. LETS’ GO.



( WordPress-based Database System)

Domain registration varies depending on the endings.

100 $

Setup the provider.

100 $

Setup of email addresses


Creating MySQL Databases


WordPress Installation


Wordpress Setup and installing plugins

200 $

Back up the database with security software


Design customization according to customer’s request

400 $

Create and customize mobile version. Mobile menu etc.

300 $

Social Media Services

(Instagram and co)

Gif creation and distribution (Price per Gif)

15 $

Animation Gif creation and distribution (Price per Gif)

25 $

FaceFilter creation and distribution (Price per Effekt)

50 $

Facebook Shop integration

50 $

Multilingual setting per page

50 $

Include payment methods

50 $

Advanced search function

150 $

Additional plugin with adjustments per Plugin

100 $

Adjustments of existing homepages (CSS) per hour. Adjustments usually take only 5 min = 33.30 €.  

400 $

Own Storefront including Amazon Seller Account.

200 $

Own cloud system with calendar management, contact and document storage.

500 $

Workshops to get to know WordPress

100 $

Workshops to get to know Woo Commerce

100 $